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Welcome to   7 Oaks Acupuncture

Dr. Min K. Kwon

OMD, L.Ac is California licensed acupuncturist & Chinese herbal medicine specialist who has been practicing for over 20 years..

She was born in South Korea. She majored in biology at university and studied & practiced traditional oriental medicine from a traditional
oriental medicine scholar for many years in Seoul.

And Dr. Kwon received Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor's degrees
from Beijing University of T.C.M in Beijing, China, and an Acupuncture Master's degree from the Nanjing University of T.C.M in Nanjing, China.

Her specialties include pain management, anxiety, insomnia, stress relief, fatigue, infertility, menopausal disorders, cancer-related disorders, anti-aging, women's health, long covid syndrome.

She had opened an acupuncture clinic in Los Angeles and Irvine, California.

Dr. Kwon is practicing at the Pismo Beach office and at the Santa Maria office, in California.

There are a variety of treatment methods used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for Health and Well-Being.

The main treatments are Traditional Acupuncture, Natural Chinese Herbs, and Meridian Fire Cupping.

- Our clinic provides original and traditional Chinese Medicine with high-quality, patient-centered care. We integrate Traditional acupuncture, Fire Cupping therapy, Chinese herbal medicine, Herb tuina & Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostics at our clinic.   

Disease / Symptom -----------------------------

* Neck/ Shoulder/ Arm Pain

* Back / Hip/ Knee/ Leg Pain

* Joint Pain

* Sprain Wrist/ Ankle

* Carpal tunnel syndrome

* Golfer's elbow

* Sciatica/ Disk problem

* Frozen shoulder

* Fatigue

* Indigestion/ Poor appetite

* Side effect of chemotherapy

* Nausea & Vomiting

* Post-natal depression

* Menopausal Disorders

* Abnormal Menstruation

* PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

* Painful periods

* Irregular periods

* High cholesterol

* Heart disease

* Quit smoking/ Detox

* Acid reflux

* Infertility

* Constipation

* Insomnia

* Anxiety

* Depression

* Acne

* Arthritis

* Muscular tension

* Muscle cramping

* Headaches

* Neuralgia

* Bell's palsy

* Migraines

* Diabetes

* Dizziness

* Stroke recovery

* Allergy

* Weight Loss

* Anti-Aging

* Herbal Detox

* Health Insurance Accepted; PPO

* Also accepted most Workers' Compensation insurance & Veterans Affairs  (need authorization)

- We gladly accept most major insurance plans that cover acupuncture treatment. Please allow 2~7 business days for us to confirm your coverage. Prices vary according to services rendered.

-We also have a cash discounted plan. It's best for non-insurance patients



* Dr.Kwon is amazing. She’s helped me with my pains I’ve been having on my shoulders and just overall helped me to have a better balance and cycle in my body. She’s very thorough and cares always about how your body is doing every time I see her. Not all acupuncturist are the same and our area is lucky to have her!    Sage Oh, Occut, CA    Jan 2019

* If you need acupuncture done, this is the place to go. They also do cupping. They are so knowledgeable & really listen to your concerns. I have been seeing the Dr. for stress and she has been such a tremendous help to me.  I never have to wait for my appointment, they always get me in immediately.  I would highly recommend this wonderful place for your health and wellness or if you have concerns about any issues related to your health. Give them a call, you won't regret it!

Cynthia B.   Buellton, CA   Mar 2019


* By the time I arrived at Dr. Kwon's office, I had already seen three other practitioners of Chinese medicine. But of those, two didn't ease my symptoms and the third actually caused me real physical pain, but accomplished nothing. Returning to Western medicine was not an option: they all advised surgery or replacement of vital parts. So I called Dr. Kwon, hopeful but not really optimistic. After 8 visits, real progress: my frozen shoulder moves again and my very arthritic left knee is slowly responding to Dr. Kwon's deftly administered acupuncture. Also, the herbal medicine she prepares for me is working to detoxify my kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. I'm no longer young, and though I have neglected my health for many years, Dr. Kwon is helping me--not only with her competent methods, but also with her confident manner. And her partner, Dr. Park, ably administers the cupping procedure, which begins each session. In short, I realize that after a very long journey, I am finally on the right path! J.D., Pismo Beach, CA. 2018

* My friend told me about this place two years ago, and since then Seven Oaks is my regular place to go.  My ankle had been a problem for 10 years but now I don't feel pain.  The doctors are very kind and nice, and their treatment is very effective.  I own a restaurant and work every day, so I still go there every week for the regular maintenance !  Thank you, Doctors!!

Yoshino H.  Santa Maria, CA  2018


* I have been seen by Dr. Priscilla Kwon and Dr. Jae Park for over a year.  They have been a GOD sent.  I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Nueralgia which i was told by UCLA Medical Dr's surgery was no option due to 98% chance of being paralyzed on left side of face.  With desperation i made my appointment with Seven Wellness Center for treatment.  Dr. Park and Dr. Kwon treated me with such caring manner that i felt so comfortable.  My first treatment was a success and there after!!  I felt no headaches and also treated me for back pain with cupping and acupuncture.  They are so knowledge in every ailment of the body. I have complete trust in them!!! GOD bless you Dr. Park and Dr. Kwon for your expertise and gentleness and my husband thanks you too for helping me, he's got his wife back. I would recommend them to my family, friend's and everyone who is thinking of acupuncture treatment plus herbs for ailments. Angelina F.   Santa Maria, CA   2018

* I suffer from back pain and neuropathy.  After receiving acupuncture and cupping treatments I'm seeing a lot of improvement. The doctor is very knowledgeable and extremely caring. I intend to continue with the treatments because it is working and Seven Oaks Wellness is a professional and caring environment. They also offer herbal medicine for those not finding western medicine effective.

Heidi S.   Santa Maria, CA   2018


* I enjoy my visits to Seven Oaks Wellness Center very much. Everyone is helpful, professional and friendly. Acupuncture and cupping have been very beneficial for me. My pain is nearly gone, going from 10 to 1. I look forward to the day when my pain is completely gone.

Corlis W.   Santa Maria, CA   2018

* It's a very attractive, welcoming office set up and clear in-take procedure.  Dr. Kwon was very thorough during my initial evaluation, and then customized my treatment.  I have had acupuncture for the past 18 years with different practitioners, but this was by far the most professional.

Jennifer J.  Nipomo, CA   2018

* I have been to many different acupuncturist in the past for my ongoing health issues. Until I met these two doctors from seven oaks wellness center, I thought all the acupuncturist were the same. I love how they keep their clinic clean and organized all the time. I feel at home and can relax during the treatment, not having to worry about how dirty it is around me, like some of the places that I have been to. I am really thankful that they actually listen to me when I try to describe my symptoms. They try to absorb and note all the symptoms and then come up with a treatment plan just for me. Even though this clinic is a drive from Orange County, whenever I can, I would make the trip up because I can trust them that they will take care of me.    ES K.  Irvine, CA    Nov  2016 (Updated review)

* The doctors here are very friendly and attentive to the patients' need. They have helped me tremendously with my shoulder pains through acupuncture and the herbal tonics. I highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of medical treatment. ES K.  Irvine, CA    Feb  2015

* A year ago I was desperately seeking for a non drug treatment for stress. Do to a severe stress that was leading me to depression and chronic back pain lead me to seek for alternative medicine .I started collecting feed back from friends on acupuncture and cupping cups and decide to visit Seven Oaks acupuncture. I totally recommend this Doctors .I feel so much recovered. I was treated for stress and back pain. I feel great as time goes by. I look forward for my treatments. 

BT P.   Santa Maria, CA   2017

* Seven Oaks Wellness Center is an amazing place that has kind and courteous staff. Doctor Kwon and Doctor Park have done wondrous work including treating me for debilitating headaches. I love their work and I love that their hearts and minds are always for their clients. If you have ever thought about doing acupuncture I highly recommend Seven Oaks Wellness Center.

Kevin I.,  Santa maria, CA  2018

* I started seeing Dr. Kwon for about 3 months ago. I suffer from insomnia and have tried all kinds of supplements and herbs. They all seem to work a little bit and then stop working. She suggested the acupuncture, cupping and herbs. The herbs are expensive, but I have spent so much on other supplements that I was willing to give it a try.  I am finishing the first month with the herbs and my Fitbit shows that the quality of my sleep has improved. I am spending more time in REM and Deep sleep than before. I wake up more rested and I am able to fall back asleep when I wake up in the middle of the night.  I highly recommend Seven Oaks Wellness. The doctors are caring and the office is clean and soothing :) 

Doris V.   Arroyo Grande, CA   2018

* I have been running for over forty years, ride my bicycle to work, and also stand up at work.  I am a true believer of the benefits of acupuncture.  At fifty-eight I strongly believe that by getting an acupuncture treatment once a month I am able to stay physically fit.  I enjoy coming to see Dr. Kwon, who is very knowledgeable, professional and who takes time with my treatment.  I have recommended friends and co-workers to take advantage of the benefits of acupuncture with Dr. Kwon, who have been very satisfied.
Danilo,  Santa Maria, CA    2018

* I have been to many acupuncture therapists but only a few have been able to help me with my neck and back issues.  I am happy to say seven oaks is one of those places.  There methods are very effective and I would recommend them to people who are skeptical about the benefits of acupuncture or who have not found other methods beneficial.

Jamie F.  San Francisco/ Santa Maria, CA    2018


   - Some Reviews..

* Dr. Kwon is fabulous! Her consultation with me was very thorough and my first treatment from her was very helpful and healing. I appreciate her extensive knowledge and the care she provides.

 Eileen. Orcutt, CA  Jan. 2023

 I am so happy with the treatment that Dr. Kwon has provided. My tension and digestive issues are much improved! I'm so grateful for all her efforts to help me!  (Updated review)  by Eileen.  Mar. 2023


* It’s just perfect and fantastic. I just love it💙🙏🏼💓 Blessings 🙏🏼

 Cecilia. Santa Maria, CA 2023


 * I am so thankful to have found Seven Oaks Wellness Center. Dr. Kwon has helped me with vertigo, inner ear problems, and anxiety that are associated with Meniere’s Disease. From my very first visit, I felt comfortable, listened to, and respected. I always look forward to my visits. The office is welcoming and my appointments are punctual.  I leave feeling relaxed and hopeful. My condition has improved greatly.  I highly recommend Seven Oaks Wellness Center. The doctors are easy to talk to and really work to improve health and overall wellness.

M And R B.  Nipomo, CA 2023

 * Dr. Kwon offers a level of care I have rarely found from Western medicine practitioners. Dr. Kwon thoroughly assessed my concerns before crafting a customized treatment plan for me. She is an excellent listener and remembers details about my health each time I go in for a session. The acupuncture and cupping Seven Oaks offers have changed my life --- reduced pain and edema, increased energy, and improved digestion are just some of the noticeable benefits I've experienced. The team at Seven Oaks makes you feel welcome and well-taken care of, and the health benefits of their practices are profound. What more could you ask for?

Avalon. Nipomo, CA 2023

 * I started going to Seven Oaks Acupuncture 2 months ago.  Dr. Kwon is Godsends.  I had fallen 4 years ago and had multiple Dr. visits and Rehabilitation visits.  A friend suggested Acupuncture and so I tried it. Dr. Kwon was so understanding and went over everything that I was having problems with.  She suggested The Fire Cupping. Dr. Kwon explained the cupping procedure would release the toxins that were built up in my body. Her acupuncture treatments have helped get rid of the constant headaches I had experienced for pretty much 4 years off and on. The pain in my neck is gone and the pain in my lower back pain is better. I could not sleep very well and after 2 visits with her, I am pretty much pain-free. I also am taking the Herbal supplements she suggested and feel healthier than I have for years. It is nice to go to Dr. Kwon that listens to you and really makes sure they get to the root of your problem. When you leave the office you feel good and happy. I suggest if you have never tried Acupuncture give it a shot.

Jolene.  Arroyo Grande, CA 2022

* Dr. Kwon is the best! I have many severe neurological pain issues and they are helping me tremendously. Very professional. Calm and welcoming atmosphere. So happy I found them!!

KB Coupe.  Atascadero, CA  2022

* I really appreciate all the services I have received from Seven Oaks! I started going there because I was struggling with infertility issues. After receiving treatment for approximately 6 months I became pregnant after trying to conceive for 3 years. I've also gone when I have had severe sciatic pain and their treatment has helped immensely. Best of all, they are kind and caring and provide a safe, comfortable environment.

Angel.  Nipomo, CA 2022


* I definitely recommend the Seven Oak Wellness Center! Dr. Kwon is very knowledgeable and they are always so prompt. After so many chiropractic appointments,  I thought I'd give this a try and so far so good!

Nancy. Santa Maria, CA 2022

* Seven Oaks has helped me with my health issues tremendously. They truly care about their patients and listen to your concerns. The cupping, acupuncture, and herbal treatments has improved my overall health. The staff are the nicest people you will ever meet and you can feel their passion for helping people.

Dan. Santa Maria, CA 2021

* Seven Oaks Wellness is nothing short of fantastic. Dr. Kwon and staff are amazing and made me feel extremely comfortable from the moment I walked through the door. Dr. Kwon took the time to listen to me and gave me a plan to achieve my health and wellness goals. The cupping, acupuncture and herbs have changed my overall health. I am beyond grateful to have found Dr. Kwon. I highly recommend Seven Oaks Wellness for anyone looking to improve their overall health!

 Angeli. Guadalupe, CA 2021

* I am so thankful for seven oaks! I started seeing them last year when I was around 20 weeks pregnant. Not only did they help me tremendously with my lower back pain but they also treated me so kindly. They actually care about their patients and how they are doing. Each apt consisted of individualized care depending on what I had going on. They were truly a huge part of my pregnancy and I can’t wait to go back during my postpartum.

 Kelsie. Orcutt, CA 2021

* I'm so happy I came here! I had started treatment in December and I'm feeling so much better now I'm very thankful and blessed for everything they have done for me acupuncturist has helped 100 percent I recommend this place!!!! Thank you soooo much I'm still getting the help for my headaches and depression but I'm feeling way better now I feel happier and so happy I found them.

Cindy. Agoura Hills, CA 2021

 * Very friendly staff. Helped with sciatica and shoulder pain. Made me feel very comfortable when I was nervous about the needles!

Nedina. Orcutt, CA 2021


I was referred to Seven Oaks Wellness Center because of neck pain and this was my first time trying acupuncture. After a couple sessions I was already feeling relief. This is a very peaceful and relaxing environment. Dr. Kwon and staff are very nice and friendly.

 Nicole. Santa Maria, CA 2021


Seven Oaks Wellness Center has been a paragon of superbly effective acupuncture care for my various very painful and restrictive physical ailments from the very beginning!

To boot, that care is ALWAYS genuinely provided with unusual friendliness in a

sleepily relaxing office environment!!

What a Santa Maria true treasure!!!

 T. Him. Santa Maria, CA 2020

* Professional and efficient staff.  After back surgery and years of pain, numbness, and tingling...acupuncture is helping.  Halfway through my allotted insurance allowances and feeling so much better physically and mentally.  Thank you Dr. Kwon and staff.

 Mark R. Santa Maria, CA 2020


* I have been receiving acupuncture for many years and not all therapists are created equal.  The therapists at 7 Oaks are some of the best I've experienced.  They have helped me maintain a pain-free and healthy life.  Thank you!

 Jamie.  Nipomo, CA 2020


* Very friendly staff.  I'm thankful they are here in Santa Maria so I didn't have to drive far in pain.


Sandra. Santa Maria, CA 2020

 * Seven Oaks Wellness Center has helped me tremendously. I have received cupping and acupuncture services here. I came in because I had a painful, stiff and achy neck/upper back.

 Lucia. Santa Barbara, CA 2019

* When I moved to Santa Maria I was worried I would not find an acupuncturist as great as the one I had. I have had three back surgeries, replaced knee, and high blood pressure. I have had an acupuncturist to control pain since 1985.

When I found Dr. Kwon I was totally surprised. Dr. Kwon is just wonderful! She knew right away what was going on in my body and what I needed. My other doctors are often stumped. She is the best. She has kept me pain fee, addressed several health concerns and had results that other medical doctors did not achieve. Doctor Kwon is the best acupuncturist I have ever had and I have had many.

I have also used the Center’s herb treatments. Right on target without hard drugs or side effects.

I highly recommend the Seven Oaks Wellness Center. Staff is so wonderful and care is personal and will meet your needs. The environment is peaceful and healing. This is my place monthly.

Marie Banuelos. Santa Maria, CA   Agu 2019

*Dr  Kwon wAs very helpful and her and her staff went above and beyond.  I highly recommend the wellness center. They have two locations one in Santa Maria and one in Pismo beach. Tom Wright

Tom W. Porterville, CA  Dec, 2019

* For anyone out there who may be unhappy with the inattention of Western physicians and the ineffectiveness of their methods, here is the physician for you: Dr. Priscilla Kwon. Dr. Kwon connects with you, listens actively, and works competently and diligently to ease your pain. What other physician spends 45 minutes with you, not typing your complaints into a computer file, but ministering, hands on, to provide relief? She is a whirlwind of positive energy that almost "wills" you to be well. Along with Dr. Park, whose deft cupping technique seems to literally pull the toxins out of your body, they make a dynamic team. Thanks to Dr. Kwon's expert acupuncture and targeted herbal medicine, my husband and I are healthier, stronger, and more pain-free as we navigate our older years under their care.

Judy D. Pismo Beach, CA  May 2019  (Updated review)

* Once a month handles so many things, pain, balance, blood pressure, wellness..

Marie Banuelos. Santa Maria, CA  Feb, 2020 (Updated review)


* For several decades my family and I have benefited from Chinese Medicine in the Los Angeles area. When I relocated to Pismo Beach, California, I was concerned that I would not be able to find a Chinese medical doctor as good as I had in LA.  After only three visits to the  Seven Oaks Wellness Center I could already see significant improvement in my condition. With this I realized that I had found a quality practitioner in Dr. Kwon that met or exceeded the best in LA.  Judy D. Pismo Beach,CA Nov 2018

*  Dr. Kwon is both compassionate and professional, by far the best of the 4 acupuncturists I have been to.  I didn't feel the needles - even to the point of forgetting they were there.  I'm sleeping better, my upper back feels better, and I'm feeling fit enough to play volleyball again, despite arthritic hips.  I very rarely write a review - I'm making an exception in this case because I feel she can really help people.

Jerald B. Pismo Beach, CA  Jun 2019

* I am very grateful I went to visit Dr Kwon for my anxiety/insomnia, I was been treated with western medicine but I was dizzy most of the day and tired, after my first visit with Dr Kwon I was relaxed and in no need for sleeping pills, now after a couple of weeks of treatment my insomnia is gone and my anxiety under control, I highly recommend Dr Kwon.   Rogelio. Santa Maria, CA   Jan 2019


* My wife began coming to Seven Oaks several months ago and was really pleased with the service. I was in need of some care for my back. I was having some major sciatica issues after an injury and Seven Oaks expertise and care has been instrumental to getting my pain under control. Both practitioners are very professional, knowledgeable, and skilled doctors. I appreciate their professionalism and caring treatment of my back issues. I highly recommend Seven Oaks acupuncture to anyone who is in need of knowledgeable doctors who are caring and very skilled at the practice of Chinese medicine. In addition to the excellent help they have given me, I appreciate the education they have shared of the practice of Chinese medicine and their able handling of our medical insurance.

Larry B.  Nipomo, CA    Feb 2019

* I’ve been coming here for about 3 months now and I absolutely love it! Acupuncture has really helped ease my PMS and anxiety. Unfortunately, my insurance does not cover this type of treatment so everything has been out of pocket. It can get expensive, as you are required to take herbs to help with treatment. It is worth the cost though! I’ve just had to take a little break because of finances. The staff is super friendly and they always get me in on time :)

Gabrielle S. Lompoc, CA    Mar 2019

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