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What to Expect

During your first treatment, we will allow time for an initial evaluation, during which a thorough understanding of your history and current lifestyle is assessed, and a traditional Chinese medical diagnosis is used to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs.


You can expect to speak with a licensed acupuncturist about your health concerns, giving some details of your health history and current symptoms.  Following this, you will lie on a table in a room that is comfortable, warm, and relaxing. We may use any or all of the three Branches listed below, but typically, your treatment will include the insertion of very fine acupuncture needles, which are retained for 20-40 minutes. Following this, you can expect an herbal prescription, dietary and lifestyle recommendations. We cure patients’ bodies and spirits with various remedies based on Chinese Medicine. With Chinese herbs, acupuncture as well as medical appliances (e.g. cupping, tuina, moxa treatment), patients get treated on the most part of their body.


Our herbs are extracted from lots of medicinal stuff. You may have slight diarrhea in the initial stage of treatment. But do not worry about that, because it is harmless to your body and will disappear soon. In some cases, you may feel pain during direct medical treatments such as acupuncture or cupping. And after these treatments, the color of your skin may change in a short time or marks will be made on your skin. Having bruising after the acupuncture treatment, it's just a local problem of the skin hitting a blood vessel causing the bruising. In cases where there is bruising to the skin, it will fade away after a few days and won't be a problem.  Cupping treatment will leave small dark, circular bruises on the body for a few days. Mostly those changes will disappear within 2 to 14 days.


Traditional Acupuncture


The healing science of acupuncture is more than 5,000 years old, and today more than two billion people use it as their primary source of medical treatment. Acupuncture is the insertion of excellent needles in specific areas of the body for therapeutic purposes. A tingling or achy sensation is considered therapeutic. Traditional Chinese medicine explains acupuncture as a technique for balancing the flow of energy or life force (qi) believed to flow through pathways (meridians) in your body. Acupuncture practitioners believe that your energy flow will re-balance by inserting needles into specific points along these meridians. Traditional acupuncture all originate from East Asian countries and believe in regulating energy flow to aid good health. Traditional acupuncture involves the regulation of blood flow and the flow of qi within channels called meridians.

In the west, acupuncture is most well known for its pain relief effects as it has proven anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. In practice, acupuncture is used for so much more. Its scope is too broad to list here. Still, some of its interesting uses include women’s health, infertility, acne, bell's palsy, preventing stroke and after-effects of a stroke, vaccines' side effects, diabetes, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, cancer-related disorders (side effects of cancer care practices), and reducing the negative effects of stress, overwork, weight loss, skincare and *long covid syndrome. 

Typically offered along with Chinese natural herbs and Fire cupping.


*Long Covid Syndrome: For 30% to 60% of people with COVID-19, various

symptoms persist well after recovery, disrupting daily life for many.

- long Covid symptoms: Chronic fatigue/ Body aches /Sleep problems /Forgetfulness or memory loss /Difficulty thinking, reading or concentrating (brain fog) /Headache /COVID-19 Blues (anxiety and depression)

Meridian fire Cupping Therapy

Meridian cupping therapy can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system; relieve pain, toxin, anxiety, stress, stiff muscles, fatigue, headaches, inflammation. Typically offered as an adjunct to acupuncture and herbal treatment. 

Acupuncture with meridian cupping through and relaxing the body, rejuvenating the muscles and skin, increasing parasympathetic nervous function, and putting the mind at ease.


Chinese Natural Herbs


Chinese herbs (Liquid)- Every evaluated person will likely receive a different formula, even if the conditions are the same. At Traditional Chinese medicine, we emphasize the use of herbal prescriptions. Herbs are safe, powerful tools to improve your health and speed the process of recovery. Chinese Herbs, according to TCM treatment, each herb has action, a flavor, and enters certain internal organs. A herbal prescription of our clinic will often contain between 20~25 different plants that work with each other to treat the health problem. Since each body is different, the reason for a disorder's existence will be unique as well. The use of plants can greatly benefit health. Whereas acupuncture helps regulate energy and blood flow, it can't give you what you don't have. Herbs, however, can give you what you don't have, for example, energy, yang, and yin. Everyone is different, and so every Chinese herbal formula is different (Custom made).


As herbs are natural and holistic to the human body. The effects of the medicinal herbs take time, usually around 2-3 weeks. As a part of "Detox processing," some patients might have loose bowels for the first few days. They build up strength within the body. As they are natural, they don't have side effects. Herbs treat the whole body, mopping up other problems people have so they get a greater sense of overall health and well-being. People tend to feel more energy, sleep better, their digestion improves, feel less cold or less hot, and are emotionally more stable. The longer a take them, the better the effect. Which views a person as an energy system in which body and mind are unified, influencing and balancing the other.


Many people have found Traditional Chinese Medicine and its healing modalities to be excellent tools for maintaining optimum health and preventing illness. Unlike conventional medicine, which attempts to isolate and separate a disease from a person, Chinese Medicine emphasizes a holistic approach that treats the whole person. It is effective for physical, psychological, and emotional problems.


Each herb has many active chemical compounds responsible for how an herb accomplishes its various tasks.  Studies abound on Chinese herbs and how they affect the body, subdue pathogens and infections, enhance circulation, and even slow aging.  In an herbal formula, a veritable soup of hundreds, if not thousands of active ingredients stimulates the body to respond in the desired way, depending on the design of the herbal formula. After evaluating a patient’s chief health concerns, we will construct a formula specific to the patient's condition. Every evaluated person will likely receive a different formula, even if the conditions are the same. Since each body is different, the reason for a disorder’s existence will be unique as well. And each unique person requires different tools for healing.


Herbs are more effective for Infertility, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, menopausal disorders, regulating digestion, anti-aging, weight loss, etc. And herbs effectively Enhance Chemotherapy & Lower Side Effects, increasing the anti-cancer drug action, decreasing anti-cancer-drug side effects.

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